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Land - we live on it, we work on it, we play on it and we fight over it. It is the most important and valuable commodity in the world today. At Jensen Management Service, Inc., our appraisal service takes into account the geographic, social, legal and economic factors and gives you an accurate view of the property's value and position in the market.

Our appraisals estimate the market value of the property in its "as is" condition. The value estimate is subject to the definition of value, the assumptions and limiting conditions and the certification that are contained in the full appraisal report. Our appraisals meet and exceed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

The appraisal reports contain data, descriptions, maps and pictures of not only the site, but of the surrounding community including comparable properties and other amenities. By reading our appraisal, even if you have not seen the property you can have a detailed and intimate knowledge of the condition and value of the site and its position in the market, and make a sound decision based on it.

Once we have delivered your appraisal, our service does not stop there. If you have any questions on any part of our report, call us and one of our appraisers will go over any questions or queries you may have.

Our Self-Contained and Complete Summary Reports Include:
- Property Summary
- Certification of Value
- Photographs of the Subject
- Property History
- Regional and Area Data
- Regional Map
- Neighborhood Data
- Neighborhood Trends
- Neighborhood Market Analysis
- Site Plan
- Improvement Descriptions
- Construction Summary
- Tax Assessments
- Best Use Analysis
- Valuation (various approaches)
- Recommendations & Conclusions
- Full Appraisers Credentials